This assignment required me to select a recently advertised job and to write a job application. This application included three pieces of writing: a resume, a cover letter, and a response to the selection criteria for the job. The expected learning outcomes were to show a knowledge of a range of work-related genres by demonstrating an ability to write CVs, cover letters and responses to selection criteria. Preparatory activities for this assignment included a discussion of intercultural differences when applying for jobs and identifying the structure and use of professional vocabulary or buzzwords in job applications. The first step to complete this assignment was to select an actual job position that was advertised in Australia or elsewhere. For this assignment, I chose to write an application for the job of English Learning Specialist, offered by Edgars Creek Secondary College in Melbourne. In order to write my CV, I had to read through the job description to identify the required set of skills of potential candidates and adapt my old CV for this particular job application. To write the cover letter, I did some research on the school’s website to address the person in charge of selecting candidates. In my response to the selection criteria, I highlighted my relevant skills for the job by describing my previous accomplishment instead of my responsibilities in previous job positions. 


By completing this assignment, I gained some insights on how to write a range of professional texts that are needed for a job application. For this assignment, I was required to select a job advertisement, write a resume, a cover letter and respond to the selection criteria. I initially felt overwhelmed by the amount of research that I needed to do in order to complete this assignment. The reason is that I only had some experience writing a CV and I didn’t know how to write a cover letter or to respond to the selection criteria. However, I decided to divide the work I needed to do into smaller manageable tasks. First, I reviewed some sample letters and resumes, and also watched some tutorial videos on the structure of these texts. In this way, I began to identify the most important elements of these documents and gained some confidence. After selecting a few job advertisements on Indeed, a popular job search website, I began to read through the job descriptions to see if I met all the requirements. I initially felt unqualified for most jobs because I have not graduated yet and have little work experience. However, after doing some preparatory activities in seminars and receiving feedback, I realised that I could highlight my accomplishments in my previous job to demonstrate my professional abilities and that I meet the requirements for the advertised job. After selecting the job of English Learning Specialist and reading through the job description, I began working on my CV. I realised that the resume that I already had was not well-structured and did not effectively highlight my academic and professional accomplishments or qualifications. Instead, it contained a description of my responsibilities in my previous job, and the language was not entirely professional. I reviewed the seminar slides, watched some YouTube videos and consulted some tutorial websites to find some better formats and ways to emphasise my abilities and accomplishments. I did this when writing my cover letter and response to the criteria as well. I had to be careful when considering the information provided on these websites because not every piece of advice was appropriate for writing my resume. In the end, I chose a simple yet professional format for my resume and use a standard structure for the cover letter. When writing my response to the selection criteria, I used the STAR-L method. I found this method quite useful when describing previous experiences. It provided me with a structure to clearly demonstrate what I could bring to the job. Through the process of consulting different websites and tutorials, I was able to develop an ability to identify the appropriate structure and language for these documents. In the future, I will use the knowledge and ability that I have gained from this experience to apply for a job after graduation.